Haikal Jalil ♥
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Haikal Jalil

His name is Haikal. Go follow his Twitter (: Thanks xoxo.

So, I met this guy in Twitter actually. I never meet him face-to-face.  So, his name is Haikal Jalil. Staying in Alam Damai,Cheras,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His birthday date is 1/3/1995.

This is the man that makes me can't stop smiling, gigglings all the time, blushing, high, butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Hahaha. 'Angau' -
Well, We met in Twitter. I already know him a long time ago, actually. Because he's schooling in SMK Alam Damai. It's near at my house and I have so many friend schooling in SMK Alam Damai too. It's starts with a simple Tweet that I tweeted 'Sayang sayang sayang? Sayang sayang sayang. Sayang sayang sayang saaayaaang' Haha I guess like that. Can't remember. Then suddenly he RT manual and said 'Sayang .....' apa tah. Can't remember, (well dah tua) Lulz.

Then starts on that day, I'm starting to tweet with him most of all the time. He is the one who cares about me when my ex-boyfriend ignored me like crazy human being. My ex-boyfriend is not there when I need him and the one that always cheer me up, makes me happy, makes me laugh, makes me smile is Haikal Jalil, not my own boyfriend (ex-boyfriend) I felt bad. So bad. I'm sad and everyday I tells to Haikal about my pointless stupid love-story about me and my ex-boyfriend. But Haikal never get bored and sicked to hear my pointless dramatic stories.. He keeps okay, Cheer up. He's giving me a lots of advice. He convince me that there is a 'happiness' in this cruel world. He brings my smile back. He brings laughter in my life. He's my sunshine. I can't imagine my life without him. I need him. I just love him so much.

He knows how to make me smile when I'm not in the mood and I'm about to cry. He always cheer me up. Until that one day, I asked him whether I should just break up with my ex-boyfriend or just stay? Because he doesn't even cares about me and he ignores me about 4 days. Sometimes I'm his girlfriend. Sometimes I'm just his normal friend. Idk. So Haikal said, This is my life not his, If you thinks there is not point of staying with him, just break up. You deserves to be happy, Tasha. And I told him that my ex-boyfriend didn't even remember our first monthsary. Then Haikal said; Erm, Ni baru first monthsary belum lagi bermonth-monthsary. When I think it again, what's Haikal said to me is true. I can't stand all that pain anymore. Then I asked my ex-boyfriend to let me go.. Finally, I'm free.

The next day, I go to my ex-boyfriend Twitter profile, Well surprisingly,He got a new girlfriend. Hahaha I was laughing like damn. He dumped me. He lied to me. Broken promises. It's a wise decision to break up. Firstly, I can't move on because I still love my ex-boyfriend, but after I saw all his piglet tweets about me/well his new girlfriend talks like shit about me too. Sakit hati actually. Keep calm and keep smiling (:

I told Haikal about all this bullshit. Haikal said, He is not like my ex-boyfriend. He will love me with all his heart and when he fell in love, he fells hard. I can't believe my mom approved his BBpin and my mom follow his Instagram. Mama keeps saying that Haikal is handsome, sweet, ah whatever. hahaha. Restu lah tu :p Uhuks.

Haikal makes me feels special, needed, deserve to be happy and theres more. Please don't take my Haikal away from me. I know I don't deserve Haikal, cause he is a good good guy. While I'm a bad bad girl. Hmmm. I need him to complete the missing puzzle piece in me. I want to face this cruel world together with him. I want to travel around the world with him. I want to grow old with him. I want to kiss under the rain with him. I want to be his girl, forever, infinity and beyond. He is my prince charming. I can't imagine if he leave me here, alone. I'm afraid if he will find a skinnier, prettier, more kind girl than me. I'm afraid of losing him.. He's mine. And only mine.

You're my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when clouds are grey, you'll never know dear, How much I love you, So please DON'T TAKE MY SUNSHINE AWAY.. 

Haikal Jalil, If you promise to be mine forever, I'll promise too that I'm yours forever. I'm all yours if you're all mine. I need you to complete me. You're my hopes. Don't give me a heartbreaks. Fix my broken-heart. Let's be cute together. I want you, just you. And Promise me, you'll stay even how hard the situations it can be. Through upsides-down. Together, till the end of time. ILoveYouSoMuch Haikal Jalil  ♥

Muhammad Haikal bin Jalil ♥
"I love him forever "