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I'm just afraid to accept the fact that you will leave me soon. I'm afraid of losing you. You're my everything. I need you. I can't even smile when you're not right beside me. And I don't want to wake up in the morning realizing that you're not mine.

Well, yesterday, I had a conversation with my mom.

 Mama:Well, later your boyfriend will be a steward.
Me:Yes, Great isn't it,ma? 
Me:Why? *almost cry* 
Mama:Socialize. Sleep in the same place with stewardess and so on, thus, theres a lot of pretty girls there. 
Me:But he will just only love me right, ma? 
Mama:I can't promise that. He is a good-looking guy, thus rich thus sweet and so on, must be a lots of admirer and I bet he won't just only love you.. 
Me:He promise me. I know, not just know, I believe! he won't break it. He love me. 
Mama:Well, for now. Maybe soon, or later? This is only a puppylove. You're not going to marry him someday. Lagipun, he will never likes you in the future punyalah, Trust me.
Me: *cry* I love him.. I can't accept the fact that he will leave me one day... I don't want to lose him,ma. It's hurt. You know how it feels like//
Mama:Everyone is going to leave you soon. You just have to be strong and keep moving on. This is a cruel world. All the guy is the same. Sweet talker. Or maybe they just kind in the first place. Wait for another few years and so on. 
Me: Haikal is not like that. I know him. 
Mama:Up to you. Mama taknak cakap apapa. Lagipun later dia masuk U/College lagilah ramai girls yang ayu ayu semua. So, Prepare to get your heart, broken. Well, build a new walls and try to get your smile back. 
Me: *cry even harder* :'( Nooo. Ergh. Mama boleh tak jangan cakap macam tu? It breaks me!
Mama: Nak buat macam mana, Haikal tu bukannya sayang Tasha sangat pun, Tasha je SS. Please lah :3 
Me: I know. and Tasha takkan daat replace tempat ex dia. Dia sayang ex dia lagi..... Erm byelah mama, Tasha nak tidurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Penat :'(
Mama: Stop crying, you look ugly when you cry okay? I can't even see your mata. Sepet. 
Me: Not in the mood untuk gelak.

After that conversation, I'm so afraid of losing you :'( Please don't leave me, sayang? :(

Muhammad Haikal bin Jalil ♥
"I love him forever "