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Well, as you know, Haikal and me got so many differences. He's seventeen and me fourteen. Soon, he will go to university and ofcourse in university theres so many pretty girls , smart girls, rich girls or what ever.  Tbh, I'm so scared that soon, he's gonna leave me alone to face this cruel world. I need him. Idk why and how I feels so sad if he leave me. I'm in love with him. So so so in love. True,he promised me that he will love me with all his heart and only me. What if that all is only temporary? What if.........

Oh so sad. I can't even imagine, how my life would be if he leaves me. But, If Allah doesn't want us to be together, no matter how hard we try to be together, erm we're just not meant to be together.  But I believe him. He is not like my exes. I know he loves me. and he really do. I believe Haikal Jalil.

There is so many people makes me down about this. They said 'Haikal Jalil tu still sayang ex dia lah weh, Go die with your love stuff, Dia cuma main mainkan kau' Ah theres more. I just ignore them and I trust in Haikal. I know he wouldn't lie to me. Well, trust is important in relationship. Without trust, there is no relationship. Sometimes I'm really pissed off with those mulut puaka people. There just can't shut up their mouth and just mind their own business. They giving me heartache. I admit.

As conclusion, Just trust your heart. Trust Allah. Don't listen to what other people wanna say about you. Let them be. They didn't know anything about you. You're special and you deserve to be happy. Let them judge. We can't make their mouth shut. Well, society will never stop judging. Just be yourself. Only Allah, your family and your real friends know about you. And don't ever believe what other people say about your love one. They don't know anything about your relationship. Don't let because of one person creating a story about your boyfriend/girlfriend, You choose to break up with your partner. Don't do that, okay? :)

Trust is more than anything/ Remember, without trust, there is no relationship.

Muhammad Haikal bin Jalil ♥
"I love him forever "