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''People say, We shouldn't be together. Too young to know about forever, I say. They don't know what they talk talk talking about. Cause this love, is only getting stronger. I don't wanna wait any longer, I just wanna tell the world that you mine, boy'' 

Well, I am owned at 12 o'clock 12.12.12 by @HaikalJalil ♥ Hehehe He confessed to me. And to be honest, I've cried. Hahaha well yes. I'm a cry baby :p I'm so touched. Then he changed his Bbm status Owned at 12 o'clock 12/12/12 by Nattassha Shaheera. Aummm. Mama saw it. And mama was like cehhhwahhh.. Congratulations. Untunglah. Jaga your relationship elok-elok okay? Haha, And I was like. Oh, Insya Allah if we're meant to be together. 

I can't stop smiling since 12 o'clock. Hehe I'm mad. Hohoho, I can't even sleep on yesterday actually. I slept at 5 am. And woke up at 7 am. I'm crazy isn't it? Since Haikal Jalil is mine [cehhwahhh] hehe :p I'm insane. While I'm eating I can suddenly laugh or smile like an idiot. Well, it scares my family members. Haha they were just like, what happened to you? lol. Angau lah tu. and bla bla bla

I told my aunty about this thing. She was just like. Woah, untunglah. Congratulations and all that stuff.Then she said, she wanna see Haikal's images. I showed to her. Gahhh, she said something that makes me quite jealous, haha ' Haikal ni bapak handsome. Mancung gila hidung. Aummmm maksu punya! He's mine' Me- Langkah mayatku dulu' Hahahaha then we both laughed. So INDONESIA. Okay. Oh, I'm so mean. Sorry Indonesians.............. No hate x Peace x

Haikal said to me, he promise to take care of me as long as he still alive and so all. To be honest. I'm so so so so so so so so extremely touched. Just feels like hugging him. Oh no no no :p Hahahahaha. Non-mahrams. Lulz. Mama always remind me that 'Mind your own limits,Nattassh..' Hehe, okay. I remember that. Keep that in my mind ~.~ weeeeeee

I just hope that Haikal keeps his promises to me. I hate broken promises. I don't want to lose him. I need him. Just stay by my side, through upsides-down, together facing the world... ILoveYou, Muhammad Haikal bin Jalil. 

And you're mine and only mine. I promise to you that I will only love you, no other. You've stole my heart and I'm begging to you, please don't return it back to me. I don't want it. Keep it. And I know I've stole your heart too isn't it?, Hehe. I won't return you heart back. Mine. and only mine. But if in the future, you will find any other skinnier, prettier, taller, whiter, fairer, kinder, cuter, big eyes, big butts, haha or whatever, Just tell me. If that can make you happy,sayang. I'll let you go..... even though it's hard for me.. 

Inni uhibbuki fillah , Muhammad Haikal bin Jalil 

Muhammad Haikal bin Jalil ♥
"I love him forever "