Best friend forever ♥
Thursday, 13 December 2012 @ 06:51 | 0 comments

Dorathy Anne

So, this is Dorathy Anne a/p Joe Boy a.k.a JB/ Justin Bieber hahaha. She's a beliebers & a directioners. Omg, Just kill me. Lol. Well, She is my best friend forever and ever and ever and ever infinity and beyond. Teeheee. Her voice is amazing. She is an amazing singer in her choir and my school. We often perform together. Duet. Hahaha. 1 Dinamik and 2 Dinamik in SMK Seri Mutiara. Well, same class with me. She's extremely smart and expert in Mathematics and Science. Haha. She is my 'Guru' lols. We're extremely annoying and we're retarded all the time. Hahahaha. If there is Nattassha, then Dorathy is there too. The sad thing is, next year we're not in the same class................... It's breaks me </3

I still remember when I was in form 1 [1 Dinamik] I hated her a lot. I mean since I met her on orientasi SMK Seri Mutiara. I hated her a lot lot lot. Then suddenly, She got the same class with me, Ergh, kill me now. And she sat in front of me next to Chuah Wan Jing. Haihhhh. She can't stop talking :3 Feels like slapping her with dictionary from the back. Hahahaha I know, I'm so mean. Well, she hated me too. She said I'm so gedik and over and so tah pa pe. Hahahaha I can't fake it, I keeps jeling jeling her in class lol.

Idk how, when, what, why, I suddenly become her bff. We're laughing like crazy hulk when we thinking back how we can be bff. It's annoying power 100000000000000000000. Hahahaha. To be honest, she is the best friend ever. I mean like, she understands me so well. Haha, we often use signal messages. And she understands it so well,I mean very well. Duh, and no one ever understands us. We often gossip together about the hot guyssssssssss, lengzaii lengzaiii, hahaha and Haikal Jalil! lol.

Ahhhh, I love her forever. My retarded annoying silly dummie friend hahahaha. Mwahhhhhhhhhh :****** BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF ~~~~~~~~

Muhammad Haikal bin Jalil ♥
"I love him forever "