Thursday, 20 December 2012 @ 18:02 | 0 comments

*sigh* I feels like completely hopeless shit ever...........................

Haikal got heart's problems.. and it is really a heartbreaking moments when he told me that.
When he is sick, I can't do nothing. Nothing... Nothing that I can do. And yes, to be honest, It makes me cry. I can't stand seeing he is hurting or what. I've made him cried. Yea, because I ignored his IM. I am just so mean. Meanest.

I just want to make him happy and forgets all his problems. But cannot.... I'm so sad right now. I'm not there to catch the tears falling. I'm not there when he is not feeling well. I'm not there when he needs me the most. I'm not there when he's feeling down. I'm not even there when he callings me...

What type of girlfriend am I? I shouldn't supposed to be into a relationship. Because my partner will get is Hurt. I don't want Haikal to get hurt by me. His own girlfriend.. </3 I'm totally broken now. Into pieces.
Haikal treats me so well. He is such an amazing guy. His love, his caringness, everything. He makes me feels good. He makes me happy. But me?.....

I just hope that he will never get bored with me. Because I know, I'm such a lamoss. Such a boring person ever in this entire universe. I need him :( But if one day, he finds his true soul-mate, I'll let he go. Even though it's killing me to see him with other girl.

Haikal's happiness is everything to me.

Muhammad Haikal bin Jalil ♥
"I love him forever "